Visitors from Chicagoland!

We were thrilled to welcome Paul’s mom and husband to our home for about 4 days this month!  It had been about two years since they had visited.  We had about two weeks back in school after Christmas break before taking another little break for their visit!  That’s a schedule I could get used to!!  It was a treat to have them with us for a few days and we were thankful they got to experience some beautiful weather while here too.  The pictures are mostly from their stay, with a few others thrown in.

DSC02869Babi (Grandma) gave haircuts to her own poodles once upon a time and she graciously offered to help us give our first haircut to Ziggy!  He was in desperate need by the time she got here so it was quite a project.  For being a bunch of amateurs, things didn’t go too bad!   He looked like he had lost about 10 lbs when we were done with all the fluff gone!  DSC02872

DSC02877After our morning haircut project, we eagerly set out to enjoy the gorgeous day with a hike! DSC02880 DSC02884 DSC02887 DSC02896 DSC02898 DSC02902 DSC02904 DSC02910IMG_2431Here’s the new and improved Ziggy!  We don’t have a great “before” picture, but you can trust me that this looks way better!

DSC02920 IMG_0250 Babi graciously took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a couple hours of fun.  It seems like it is becoming a traditional outing with Babi that our kids sure appreciate and look forward to! 

DSC02923We decided to take them to Griffith Park Observatory one afternoon, but unfortunately, it was very foggy that day and the view is one of the best parts of going there!  We hoped it might burn off, but it didn’t before we left.  We still had a fun time with a yummy picnic lunch included!DSC02927 Twins for the day!

DSC02930 DSC02933Posing with Einstein inside the observatory!

DSC02939Fun at a local park.

DSC02941Our final picture as we said farewell to Babi and Grandpa Bob as they departed for the airport!  

DSC02948Not a great picture, but Ziggy has a talent to jump on his hind legs and maintain it for quite awhile if there is something he wants!  Watching him brings much laughter!  Chicken scraps are definitely his favorite. DSC02951A recent sunset out the front of our house!  “The Heavens declare the glory of God…”

IMG_0251 My little shopping buddy!  Though Bethany is my most loyal shopping partner, Lauren has an increased interest in going grocery shopping since our store now has these adorable little carts!  They love getting it loaded up, unloading it themselves…and watching Mommy pay for it all!  Too bad they don’t just see the process through to the end!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday…A Bit Overdue!!

It has been a full and busy season of fun holiday festivities, family activities, school, break and more.  And the more I waited to get the photos off my camera, the more daunting the task became as the number of pictures continued to grow!  Since this post is now covering so much territory, I will try to limit the photos to a few from the various activities to keep things reasonable!  However, I do truly hope that you’ve had a wonderful season of celebration and are off to a great new year!!  These photos are going WAY back to November…enjoy!

DSC02451 DSC02456This was Lauren’s first dental appointment!  We had tried a couple of times to get her in sooner and random circumstances prevented it.  She was VERY excited for her turn to finally go to the dentist, which made us thrilled.  The thing she was most looking forward to was the ride in the chair!  Haha!  She was a perfect patient—always thankful for a positive dental experience!!

 DSC02464Time to get out the Christmas decorations…

DSC02465 …and put up some outdoor lights.

DSC02472Some eager helpers for stuffing our Christmas cards!

DSC02475Part I of ?? of Christmas baking: Cutting out sugar cookies!

DSC02488Part II of Christmas baking:  Frosting the cookies


DSC02497 DSC02498Our kids caught this rabbit in our neighborhood.  We have had a slew of them when someone decided to let a whole bunch loose.  The kids were with some neighbor kids and with enough hands, they managed to trap it and then grab it!  They were pretty excited, though no more pets for us!  We let it go after a day of enjoying it!

DSC02503Our annual tradition to go to the local Christmas parade!  Despite asking 4 different families to join us, it ended up being just our family!

DSC02504Just a funny picture!

DSC02540An updated photo of Ziggy…getting much more hairy!!  He is getting ready for a haircut when Paul’s mom comes out soon to help/teach us!

DSC02544Another tradition is to visit this beautiful display of lights!  We walked it this year, which was fun.    DSC02545At one of the houses, they had a very authentic-looking santa available to the kids.  This was our kids first time to even talk to and sit on Santa’s lap! 

DSC02549 DSC02550 DSC02553 DSC02556 DSC02561Running late for church, this was a quick and semi-successful family photo.

DSC02580Another tradition is to go to an event called “Back to Bethlehem.”  It is a recreation of the town of Bethlehem when Jesus was born.  They do a fabulous job with it.

DSC02586 DSC02593 DSC02596 DSC02601There are (huge & mean!) Roman soldiers wandering the streets, probably very much in character for the time!  Periodically they have a soldier training time, which Zachary got chosen to do.  Anyone who didn’t obey the orders was kicked out.  It was fun!

DSC02610Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a stable.

DSC02615Visiting with the Rabbi

DSC02620Magic Mountain added a pretty significant light display this year for Christmas.  We had some free friend admissions to use, so invited our newest friends (who are our neighbors!!) to join us.  It was a fun night!

DSC02622 DSC02625 DSC02627 DSC02634Taking advantage of some beautiful weather just before Christmas to go on a family hike!

 DSC02648The kids sang a couple of Christmas songs in big church during the Christmas Eve service…

DSC02659…but the real highlight was lighting the candles at the end of the service! DSC02663 DSC02665

DSC02668 All ready for Christmas morning breakfast!!

DSC02674Lauren was very excited about doing this advent calendar this year, and was extremely excited to finally get to put Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning! DSC02680 DSC02703Mommy and her fur baby!

DSC02708 Zachary excited about a new watch.


DSC02736 DSC02748 DSC02750 DSC02759Bethany only asked for roller skates, so was very excited to receive them!

DSC02762 DSC02768Lauren was very excited about everything she got—so much emotion but so fun!

DSC02770Brianna received a magic kit set for Christmas, which was her biggest desire as well.

DSC02795 All ready to give it her first try!

DSC02797 A little help from Daddy to get her outside!!

DSC02808The aftermath!!  Part of the mess is a lot of new camping gear (large tent/sleeping bags) so we can start to camp as a family!  

DSC02813 This was our best attempt to get a picture of Ziggy by our tree for our first Christmas with him.

DSC02831Guess who learned to ride without training wheels over Christmas break?!  She had been practicing balancing for a number of months when we took the pedals off her bike so she could just glide.  She always had good balance, but I never knew she would get it so easily!  We put the pedals back on and I was behind her to try to hold her as she got started.  She refused, telling me she could do it and this is what happened!!  It was as if she had been riding forever!  Definitely the fastest to learn, and at age 3 1/2!!

DSC02832We enjoyed a day in Ventura with our friends the Mukes.  They had a baby boy back in June but this was our first chance to meet him!  Zachary is thrilled to add a boy to the mix!

DSC02845Two families…lots of kids!!

DSC02849We headed back to Magic Mountain on New Year’s Eve evening.  This time it was very cold!  When we left the park at 8pm, the temperature was 38 degrees!

DSC02853 While it felt like it could snow, they had fake snow blowing at different times in the park. 

DSC02857 We went with another family from our church and had a fantastic night.  Perhaps due to the cold, nobody wanted to go to Magic Mountain that night so we could ride any ride without a wait and ride it as many times as we wanted!  So fun!

DSC02861To round out our celebrations, we got to celebrate Paul’s birthday this past week! DSC02866They sure love their daddy!!

Autumn in the Air

While many of those who check in here are experiencing winter, we are enjoying our own change of pace with the weather.  We have had a number of overcast days with highs in the 60s.  That is fall for us (and sort of winter too!) but we all enjoy the change of season, and would really enjoy some rain added in.  Nothing in the forcast for the next 10 days, but we so desperately need it.  Enough about the weather!  These photos go back to the end of October.  It has been another busy stretch, with yet another medical issue to report on!  Paul had knee surgery in early November.  We anticipated a fairly quick recovery from all we had heard, but the weekend following the surgery, the pain in his calf was so bad that we ended up in urgent care.  Unfortunately, they discovered a couple of blood clots as a result of the surgery.  So much for a quick recovery!!  He has been faithfully giving himself injections (no fun!!) twice a day for a little over a week and then also is on some oral medication.  The clots left Paul unable to stand due to the pain for a number of days, and he ended up working from home for almost all of last week.  However, we are so thankful that we had it checked out and that he is doing WAY better this weekend.  We are also thankful that his knee seems fine.  Though he hasn’t really been able to test it much due to the calf pain, he doesn’t seem to have much knee pain.  The pictures can tell the rest of the story from the past few weeks!

DSC02323 DSC02324Dr. Z! We had a fun dress-up carnival/party the day before Halloween with our homeschool group

 DSC02327Bethany, the Indian girl…

 DSC02335…with her dog!

DSC02336 Brianna, the Renaissance girl

DSC02345 DSC02346Lauren, the little lamb

DSC02348 DSC02355 DSC02372Apparently, lambs LOVE cotton candy!

DSC02365 And they do okay eating donuts from a string too!  (I was pretty much with Lauren the whole time, so that is all I got photos of at the party!)

DSC02383The party was very close to Daddy’s work, so the kids wanted him to see them all dressed up!

DSC02387The dress-up party was also Mommy’s birthday!  Bethany (on her own initiative) baked me a batch of brownies the night before so we could have a special birthday treat!  

DSC02392 DSC02396 DSC02399The next morning, we took advantage of the free ‘scary face pancakes’ for kids at Ihop on Halloween, combined with a free birthday breakfast for me, and scored an awesome deal and some family fun!

DSC02405It is probably no surprise that Bethany is holding Ziggy while attempting her school work!  Ziggy puts up with so much, but he is a very loved dog!!

DSC02411Thanks to Paul for planning, and Uncle Pete and Aunt Jodie for making it possible, Paul and I were able to sneak away for a night for my birthday.  Pete and Jodie watched the kids for a night and we enjoyed a relaxing night of movies and games at a nearby hotel.  I got to sleep in(!!) and then we took in the beautiful day with a walk along the beach. 

DSC02415Our patient back at home after his surgery. 

DSC02435 Ziggy was pretty excited to find Lauren in the bath one night.  He kept inching closer and closer to the water, and then we had to call it quits as Lauren was getting nervous he would join her in the tub.  Incidently, we have already given Ziggy 2 baths (white fur with large areas of dirt in our back yard don’t mix well!), and he does remarkably well with them.  Since it appears he may need them rather frequently, we are glad he cooperates with us!

DSC02438 DSC02439

 DSC02440We were volunteers at Children’s Hunger Fund with our homeschool group this past week.  The kids LOVE going there and it is one of the only volunteer organizations that allows kids of all ages to volunteer.  It is a perfect way to serve and do ministry together.  They always tell us at the end how much work we’ve done and exactly where our things will end up.  They really do a great job of making their volunteers feel useful, which makes it fun and rewarding.  This time, we spent our two hours bagging dried fruit heading to Haiti and Guatemala.  Lauren helped by putting stickers on the bags and also hauling the completed bags to their appropriate box.   DSC02445  DSC02447 DSC02450 This is a fun picture of the dried fruit as it comes out of the bucket, which then needs to be bagged in 1-pound portions. 

October in Review

Shamefully, posting photos hasn’t made it to the top of the priority list this month.  It has been a very exciting and very busy month, which helps explain my lack of time to get to this task.  There just aren’t enough hours in a day!  Some highlights on top of normal life included hosting our friends, the Scroggins, in our home for a few days, many follow-up doctor appointments (Praise the Lord, I think I am done with appointments for my previous skin cancer procedures finally!), an 8th birthday celebration and the acquisition of a new furry family member!  I’ll let the pictures take over from here!

DSC02121Lauren is very proud of her “people.”  I thought they were so cute, I had to get a picture.  Don’t you love how their arms come out of their heads?!

 DSC02123And from people she moved on to letters.  She had a little hand-holding help here with a couple of the letters as this was in the beginning of process.

  DSC02127 DSC02134DSC02138DSC02144We had a fun afternoon at Magic Mountain with our friends, the Robinsons.  Their twin girls are a few weeks older than Lauren and are great friends!  We like to refer to threesome as the Oreo cookie!

DSC02150It was a treat to have a visitor from Michigan in our home this month!  Kristin’s cousin, Brenda, was traveling in CA for work and had a free afternoon.  What a blessing that she contacted us and was willing to travel the crazy CA freeways to make it happen!  Thanks for making the time!  After being in our home with our less-than-shy children, I’m pretty confident that Brenda had a new appreciation of her quiet car and hotel room for the rest of this trip!!  It was GREAT to see you!! DSC02171

 DSC02175This is Lauren’s name, done by herself.  She is so proud every time she does it, which is a lot these days as she loves to practice!  Definitely growing up!  I should get another picture because she has switched to doing lowercase a’s and they crack me up since they often look more like a Q.

 DSC02181I did a terrible job of photos when the Scroggins were here.  They were busy days and the camera just didn’t come to mind!   DSC02186 DSC02187 DSC02190 DSC02194 We went to a park for a few hours before they had to take off on the last day.  It was such a blessing to have dear friends in our home!  We sure miss the Scroggins!!

We have been more seriously pursuing a dog for our family for the last couple of months.  However, Paul thought it would be a great idea to take Bethany’s motivation for getting a dog and use it to our advantage.  He took it upon himself to walk her through some of the step in project management, a certification that Paul recently received.  She was the project manager and Dad and Mom were the sponsors.  She had to make pro/con lists, price lists, good questions that had to be addressed, purchase list, etc and then we had to sign off on it if we approved of the project going forward.  She read dog books any free moment she had as she was very motivated.  After begging for a dog for nearly 3 years, there finally seemed to be a glimmer of hope for her!  Paul and I both agreed before starting this that we thought the time was right to pursue this with the kids ages, etc.  For some reason, we all seemed to fall on a cockapoo when trying to decide on a breed.  It is a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle.  It is a nice size, doesn’t shed, good temperament, etc.   I began to look more seriously online at various sites that post dogs for adoption, and discovered they are hard to find without going to a breeder for a pretty penny.  But this one really truly worked out in so many ways and we decided to bring him into our home.  He came with a name that none of were particularly fond of, so our first task was to rename him.  We finally agreed on Ziggy and it seems to fit him well as such a cute, little playful thing.  He definitely needs some training as he is just 1-year-old and came to the rescue as a stray.  But for now, the kids are over the moon with excitement that was actually have a dog!  He is a pretty cute addition, but also a pretty big distraction to chores, school, etc!!  :-)  Though it wasn’t a birthday present for Bethany, the Lord’s timing was great since it was her birthday weekend that it all happened and she is the one most wanting the dog.  She says the day we signed off on her project management paperwork “was the best day of her life!”  She was literally bouncing up and down!  And her 8th birthday is one “she will never forget!” 

IMG_0134Meet Ziggy!! (And though he looks like he’s after that shoe, he really hasn’t been troublesome with chewing those!)

 IMG_0144 IMG_0148 IMG_0108This was the first morning that we had him.  He was definitely at the center of the attention!

DSC02268 DSC02303Love this picture!  Staying focused on school work last week was a bit hard with this cute little thing looking up at you!!  Bethany is getting ready to trace a US map for geography work.

DSC02306 DSC02309 DSC02317 IMG_0158 

DSC02231 DSC02244 IMG_0149 And after a day with the Sedy kids (think none stop attention and playing!!), this is what he looks like…without fail, every night!!!  When it is quiet in this house, he is out! 

And in the midst of all of that excitement, we had the privilege of celebrating Bethany’s 8th birthday!  The energy level was high because we had a new dog, but beyond that there was nothing spectacular about her birthday.  Honestly, I don’t even think she much cared it was her birthday—she had a long-awaited dog!!

DSC02248How awesome that she had picked out this dog bowl cake design weeks prior to her birthday and it fit in so well!!  It’s some cocoa puff/peanut butter cereal mix for the dog food!DSC02251 DSC02252 DSC02253 DSC02255 DSC02256We celebrated with the cake on Sunday evening prior to her birthday as we had Miss Janna over.  I am SO bummed that I never got a picture of her that evening.  But it was a treat to have her, as always, and makes celebrating a bit more fun!!

 DSC02277This was the morning of her actual birthday.

 DSC02289 DSC02295 DSC02296 IMG_0165 IMG_0167 A mommy/Bethany date to go get her annual pictures taken and grab some ice cream together. 

There are more pictures and more events to share, but you have lasted a long time already and I need to move on too!!  Thanks for your patience in getting these up.  Things don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, but I will do my best to post sooner than a month from now!!

Weekly Recap

Really just two photo-worthy events of the past week, both involving water.  When we went the beach, we were in the midst of a 100+ degree stretch of weather.  I think it lasted about 6 days, but at least our day at the beach was a nice escape!  It has since cooled down nicely and we are enjoying pleasant, sunny days for now!  On Saturday, we had the pleasure of visiting my aunt and uncle in Huntington Beach for the day, which allowed us to celebrate Aunt Jodie’s birthday with her!  It was a fun day and had been awhile since we had seen them!  Here are some photos!

DSC02030 DSC02032 DSC02034 DSC02036 DSC02037 DSC02040 DSC02043

DSC02054Daddy found an Easy-up off of Craigslist for us and we put it to use at the beach!

 DSC02065Daddy is so much fun in the water!  The kids all took turns riding on his back through the waves!

 DSC02069 DSC02070 DSC02071 DSC02078 DSC02080 DSC02084 DSC02086

 DSC02089To help celebrate Aunt Jodie’s birthday, we made a cake.  I kept it simple to allow the kids to help if they wanted.  Bethany was really the only taker, but she did a great job of working with the tips and making flowers.   DSC02093 She did all the yellow flowers and the green flowers on the 60.

DSC02094Swimming at Uncle Pete and Aunt Jodie’s pool.  It was actually a pleasant, coolish day, but that didn’t deter the kids from the pool!

 DSC02096 DSC02097  DSC02101Aunt Jodie is always such a good sport!  She was talked into playing chicken fight with the kids!

DSC02108And Uncle Pete is always such a good sport about flying airplanes with the kids.  They would NOT stop asking him for this and he patiently allowed the kids to each take a turn.

 DSC02111Time for cake!

 DSC02113 DSC02114 DSC02116 DSC02120 Happy Birthday, Aunt Jodie!!  We had a great time celebrating with you!  Thanks for letting us come visit, and for all YOU did to make it a fun and special day!

photo 1

The entire care (minus the driver!) was asleep on the way home.  But check out this sleeping arrangement!!

Sweltering in September!

While we have heard of temperatures getting cooler in some parts of the country, we can’t quite comprehend what that would be like since we seem to be going in the opposite direction.  We have managed to have some fun days trying to stay cool, but also in the midst of the heat!!  We have now started Classical Conversations for the year, so have added that to our school day again.  It is truly one of the highlights of our week so we were eager to get back to it! 

DSC01820 Bethany and Mommy got to have a date together.  We cashed in on free miniature golf coupons we received from our library reading program this summer.

DSC01822 DSC01833

 DSC01834We had a fun trip to the beach a couple of Saturday’s ago.  The waves were pretty strong, which made for some good boogie boarding! DSC01838 DSC01841 DSC01842 DSC01843 DSC01848 DSC01856Can you tell we all LOVE our time at the beach?! Love all those smiles!

 DSC01863 DSC01870 DSC01883 DSC01886 DSC01893 DSC01895 

This past Friday, we took advantage of free homeschool admission to the LA County Fair.  We were sad not to have Daddy with us this year, but since it was the first week of students at the college, he had a full plate as the year got underway.  But we had a great day as you’ll see in the following photos:DSC01911 DSC01914 DSC01918 DSC01920 DSC01922Somebody handed Zachary this cup of food and the goats immediately found him!!

 DSC01925 DSC01926 DSC01929The older kids each wrote 6 book reports in order to earn 6 free rides at the fair.  This is a great deal since each ride would cost over $4 a piece, and we got 18 rides for FREE!!

DSC01933  DSC01945We went to some pig races this year and Brianna was called upon to be the bell ringer for the races!! DSC01950 DSC01960The kids graciously each donated 1 of their tickets to Lauren so she could also ride a few rides.   DSC01965

 DSC01972This was an amazing miniature train set that Zachary was in love with! DSC01974 DSC01976 

DSC01978Our knight in shining armor…protecting 2 princesses!

DSC01981 DSC01983 DSC01984 DSC01986 DSC01989Doesn’t everybody iron in high heels and sparkly dresses?!

The older kids then participated in a “knighthood” training, in these next photos…DSC01990

DSC01992Taking a breather as it was VERY hot while we were at the fair!

 DSC01995 DSC01996 DSC01997 DSC02001 DSC02003 DSC02004 DSC02006

 DSC02012All set for our first day of CC this past Monday!

 DSC02017I looked outside while I was doing school one morning to see this!  LOVE when I see these moments!

 DSC02020Here is a peek at another school morning…some spelling words on the board for Zachary…

 DSC02022 DSC02023 …while Lauren listens to an MP3 player while riding her bike in circles!  It really is pretty cute and one of her favorite activities while we do school.  She loves listening to the Classical Conversations songs from last year and pretty much knows them!  Here is our future Memory Master!!

We are probably heading out for another round of beach action tomorrow as we are in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures over 103 for the next 4 days!!  Not exactly fun unless a beach in involved, so that is what we’ll do! 

Is August Over Yet?!

Though days go fast and much has happened, I’m rather shocked that we are still in August!  It has been an eventful month at our home, but not necessarily in a good way!  This month marked yet another surgery for myself, this time not dental surgery but for the removal of some skin cancer on my nose.  After a biopsy on two places early this summer, they both came back positive for basal cell skin cancer.  It is not life-threatening, but the dermatologist liked it to a cavity that just needs to be taken care of.  Unfortunately for me, the one on my nose was in a difficult spot and required a special procedure to take it out, followed by a graft (from my ear cartilage!!) to repair my nose!  The whole thing was a 2-day ordeal, but honestly better in the end than I thought it would be in terms of the severity of the scar and such.  The ear portion was unexpected and the most painful part of the process, especially because it ended up getting an infection.  In my follow-up appointment, I learned that I need to keep my nose covered for the next month for healing!  While surprising, I’ve gotten used to it and have almost forgotten about it until I notice someone looking at me and wondering what happened.  As if that weren’t enough, I went back to my regular dermatologist for the removal of my second spot, which was on my chest, the week following the first procedure.  This was a much faster, traditional approach and is now just healing.  To top that off (again!), because we hadn’t seen quite enough doctors this month, Zachary decided it was his turn for some stitches when he fell on the cement and split his chin open.  At that point, we really had to laugh—not at the injury but at the amazing amount of medical needs we’ve had this month and really cumulatively this year!  So I don’t really have a lot of “fun” photos from this month, though we do have many memories.  Since our summer came to a rather quick end with the surgery and my need to be out of water and sun for a bit, we started back to school in the midst of it all, which is honestly most of our photos for now! 

DSC01707This was a beautiful rainbow that appeared to go right over our house one evening!  Unfortunately, what looks like a storm actually blew by us.

DSC01719 DSC01725This was a fun swimming day with friends at the beginning of the month.  This family from our church has 6 kids and several of them align nicely with our kids!

 DSC01728 DSC01729 DSC01730DSC01731


Lauren was just as eager to start school, which to her meant letter flashcards!  We hadn’t even begun our school work for the day yet, but I came downstairs and found Bethany quizzing Lauren on her letters!  May they always remain so eager!

School Pictures:DSC01739Bethany, 2nd grade

DSC01743Zachary, Kindergarten

 DSC01747Lauren, preschool

 DSC01752Brianna, 4th grade

 DSC01768Sedy class for 2014-2015! 

 DSC01771This was one of the activities of the day, which was some blob mapping!  They are learning to draw a very rough sketch of the world accurately on the proper lines of latitude and longitude by tracing it.  The goal will eventually be to draw it without the prompts. 

DSC01772 DSC01773I must be honest that I was quite surprised (and impressed) by Lauren’s tracing skill.  I didn’t even have a map ready for her, but she insisted so I made a quick copy and let her give it a try.  

DSC01774All of those earlier photos were on day 1 of school.  This picture happened on day 5 of school!  Poor little guy needed 5 stitches in his chin!  

DSC01781We are the bandaged buddies!  He just wanted to make mommy feel better by needing a bandage too!

 DSC01784 We’ve had 3 sunflowers bloom this month.  The kids have had fun harvesting the seeds!

DSC01790This past Saturday night, we decided we needed a little spontaneous fun so we went to Magic Mountain after an early dinner for a few hours.  It was pretty busy, but because we hadn’t been in awhile, we still had a great time.  DSC01791 DSC01793 DSC01795DSC01803 DSC01807We ended up splitting up since I was limited in the rides I could do with my ear and chest still healing.  So I stuck with Lauren while the older kids went with Daddy, which is why all the photos are mostly of Lauren.DSC01815 DSC01817


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